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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pair KARUTA/ Word Catcher  


Karuta is a classic Japanese school game. A set of cards is spread face up on the desk, and when a clue is called out, students try to be the first to take the matching card.
In this simplified version, there are no prepared cards. Instead, a pair of students is given a blank piece of paper.

They then write in random places on the paper a list of words, numbers, letters, phrases, etc., that the teacher tells/shows them. The teacher then calls out, or gives a clue to, one word at a time. The paired students each use a different colored pencil to circle the words they get first. Points can be given to the student winning in each pair (most words circled), each student receives all or half of the number of their circles, or the student pairs can play Hand Sandwich.
Variations to use:
Prepare a print with written material on it for the students to use (when the students can’t write English letters yet).
Students can write words in Japanese, and the teacher calls out the words in English (great for vocabulary practice).
Students write individual words in English, and the teacher calls out in Japanese or English.

Time: about 15 minutes with 12-15 words/letters, etc.

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