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Grade 5 Lesson 3- How Many Cats? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like Dogs Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- I Like Apples Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Ohajiki Game Audio

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Cap, T shirt, Pants and Shoes Song

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Do You Have A Red Cap Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 6- A Fruit Song

Grade 5 Lesson 6- What Do You Want Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- Audio Sounds for 'What's This?'

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's This? chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's this OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like, A or B? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 3- When Is Your Birthday? Chant/Activity

Grade 6 Lesson 3- Months of the Year Macarena Song and Dance

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook-Can You Cook, Too? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 5- Where Is The Barber Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 6- I Want To Go To Italy Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 7- Daily Activities Chant

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Eigo Noto CD Is Too Fast!  


Do you think the songs on the Eigo Noto CDs are too fast?! Before playing the CD version, try

  • writing the words to the songs/chants on the blackboard first
  • practicing the words slowly, even repeating them word-by-word, before playing the CD
  • singing the songs or reading the parts yourself!
This is also a great time to teach students to say, "Please speak more slowly!". This was one of the first things I learned to say when learning Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese- I think it will be useful for students, too.  You'll find this and other important English for Communication on the classroom poster here.
There are some alternative audio tracks here on EigoNoto.com- click Chants & Audio in the red navigation bar or here to see them.
Kairyudo, the publisher of Eigo Noto, has even produced a slow version of the CDs- but some of these tracks are still not easy for the students to hear.

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