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Grade 5 Lesson 2- What Does It Mean? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 3- How Many Cats? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like Dogs Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- I Like Apples Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Ohajiki Game Audio

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Cap, T shirt, Pants and Shoes Song

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Do You Have A Red Cap Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 6- A Fruit Song

Grade 5 Lesson 6- What Do You Want Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- Audio Sounds for 'What's This?'

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's This? chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's this OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like, A or B? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 3- When Is Your Birthday? Chant/Activity

Grade 6 Lesson 3- Months of the Year Macarena Song and Dance

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook-Can You Cook, Too? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 5- Where Is The Barber Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 6- I Want To Go To Italy Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 7- Daily Activities Chant

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About the Editor  


My name is Elton Ersch, and I write EigoNoto.com to help foreign and Japanese teachers with lesson plans, activities and ideas for the Eigo Noto/International Studies curriculum and foreign language classroom.
I have been teaching English as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan for 12 years. Teaching is the fun part of the job, but lesson planning, activities choice & creation are what make great! lessons work.

EigoNoto.com was started to help Japanese elementary school teachers and other ALTs teach the new International Studies (Gaikoku Katsudou) in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school. I have also included a lot of general materials and information that would be helpful teaching a foreign language (and having great! lessons) to any level of students. Check out the ConFluency activity, chosen by my Japanese peers to present and local and national teachers' conferences (and imho the best thing I've created for teaching Conversational Fluency).
I hope some of what I have learned and developed on my own -and present to you on EigoNoto.com- will help you have great! lessons.

When I'm not teaching, cycling (mountain biking in winter, on the road in the warm months), kayaking and canoeing, camping and traveling are my hobbies.
My wife Kumiko and I have a son, Louis. You can see his homepage here.

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