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Grade 5 Lesson 2- What Does It Mean? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 3- How Many Cats? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Do You Like Dogs Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- I Like Apples Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 4- Ohajiki Game Audio

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Cap, T shirt, Pants and Shoes Song

Grade 5 Lesson 5- Do You Have A Red Cap Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 6- A Fruit Song

Grade 5 Lesson 6- What Do You Want Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- Audio Sounds for 'What's This?'

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's This? chant

Grade 5 Lesson 7- What's this OO? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like? Chant

Grade 5 Lesson 9- What Would You Like, A or B? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 3- When Is Your Birthday? Chant/Activity

Grade 6 Lesson 3- Months of the Year Macarena Song and Dance

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook-Can You Cook, Too? Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 4- I Can Cook Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 5- Where Is The Barber Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 6- I Want To Go To Italy Chant

Grade 6 Lesson 7- Daily Activities Chant

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Welcome to EigoNoto.com

EigoNoto.com Resources
Lesson Plans
Lesson Notes
Activities’ Downloads-the place to find all of the EigoNoto.com lesson materials
Chants and Audio
Classroom Posters and Displays

EigoNoto.com is NOT Just for Elementary School-
ConFluency Card Game- want to teach your students to SPEAK ENGLISH, not just STUDY it?
The Minimalist ALT- engaging, communicative activities that require no preparation nor materials. Your life at school will never be the same!
English Picture Book Reading Club- start one at your kindergarten.
Letter-a-Week program for introducing the ABCs to young learners.
Teaching Conversation Skills- tools without know-how stay in the box. Maybe this why so many Japanese don't learn how to SPEAK English.

Using the Eigo Noto
The Goal- simply
Some Guidelines- from the Japanese Ministry of Education
Where Do We Go From Here- February 2010
Pro Says Eigo Noto Can Be Used Flexibly- from the Yomiuru Shimbun
Students Don't Have To Speak English (but some want to)
Is it a textbook or a workbook?
Is it an English Conversation Lesson?
What Are the EigoNoto Lessons About?
Finally Some Time to Teach Culture!
The Eigo Noto CD Is Too Fast!

Online Resources for Teaching EigoNoto
Kairyudo resources- for the Eigo Noto. from the publisher
Lesson Plans in English by Kairyudo- Grade 5   Grade 6
EigoNoto CDs- NORMAL and slow

Teaching English-Best Practices
10 Principles- for successful instructed language learning
Communication Skills- what all the Principals tell me they want students to learn....
The Learning Pyramid- how we learn best
Teaching for Life Long Learning
Input, Output, Interaction
Conversation Strategies- the glue that puts all the parts back together and makes it CONVERSATION!
Teaching for Life Long Learning
Lesson Development Keys- a nine-part series
Meaning and/or Form
Error Correction Strategies
Student Centered Learning
Multiple Intelligences
Student Motivation and Inspiration
Reducing Student Anxiety/Lowering the Affective Filter

Team Teaching- click to see all the posts
Team Teaching Made Easy- first in a series
What an ALT Can Do
What an HRT Can Do
The uchiawase or Pre-Class Meeting
What Your ALT Needs to Know I- starting the year
What Your ALT Needs to Know II- before every class

Preparing for Class/Lesson Planning- click to see all the posts
What Do We Teach?
The Easy Way to Write a Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan Patterns
Lesson Development Keys- a nine-part series
Choosing the Right Activities
Chants and Songs
Communicating with Sentence Patterns
Introducing New Language- there are many ways to do it
Reviewing and Recycling

In Class- click to see all the posts
Opening Greetings
Greetings in MANY languages- maybe it's called EIGO Noto, but...
Classroom English
Teaching Conversation Skills- a little a day will make them English SPEAKERS, not just students of English
Focus on English Students Already Know
Mixed Ability Classes-the challenges and the opportunities
Maintaining Young Learners’ Attention
Demonstrate, Don’t Explain
Chants and Songs
Testing- nothing formal, but something we do everyday
Translating English to Japanese in the Classroom
Writing on the Blackboard
The CD Player- An HRT’s Best Friend
Using Dice in the Classroom-日本語のビデオ説めもある
Consolidation or matome/まとめ
Closing Greetings

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