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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WYAN- Words You Already Know  


There are so many English words that Japanese students already know. When there is a page full of pictures in the workbook, it is a great time to empower the students with the awareness that they already know a lot of English! This simple activity seems very simple or obvious, but it is too easy in the classroom to just tell the students what the words are. Asking them to cooperate, then offer the 'answer', does a lot towards building their confidence.
Here is a step-by-step activity for getting the students to tell you what the words are in English. I call it Words You Already Know, or WYAN.

Materials- Text, flashcards or poster of page on blackboard.
Students- In seat pairs, talk together to see if you know the English names for the pictures.
HRT- Begin after student pairs have a minute or two- Point to a picture or hold up a flashcard, and ASK students the name in Japanese (option- write the word in Japanese on the blackboard).
ALT- After the students say the word in Japanese, ask students, “What’s eki in English?”  Say the word aloud again for all the students to repeat. Then, after students have told all the words in English, Listen and Repeat all the words once or twice more.

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